Translation Services Center (TSC) is a legalized bilingual translation institution, authorized to translate and legally certify and attest the translation contents of English/Arabic and Arabic/English documents of different natures such as Finance, Accounting, Law, Education, Medicine, Economy, Science, etc… since its establishment three decades ago.

Proficiently, TSC remained dignifiedly, proudly and honestly furnishing its customers with all their translation services requirements at a high standard benchmark effective translation, shrouded with academic honesty and integrity. TSC text handling, review and final approval, is carried out by an efficient team of well-known translators and expertise.


Due to such qualities, in addition to our center’s policy of preserving & proper handling of customers, the center got the credit of being accredited by all local sectors such as businessmen, low firms, embassies, trade consulates, educational institutes and the like.

Moreover, we feel proud of the accreditation & acceptance given to the translations we make to our customers, by many consulates and diplomatic missions operating in the Kingdom, when needed. With our growing reputation, we hopefully eye on more prolific and prosperous future and hope to get the opportunity of serving you.