Translation Services Center (TSC) remained dignifiedly, proudly and honestly furnishing its customers with all their translation services requirements at a high standard benchmark effective translation, shrouded with academic honesty and integrity. TSC text handling, review and final approval, is carried out by an efficient team of well-known translators and expertise.

Among the services we offer :

  • Translation and attestation of Student’s School Certificates wishing to study abroad.
  • Attested Translation of Marriage Contracts, for their presentation to the Embassies, Consulates & Diplomatic Missions.
  • Certified Translation of Legal Contracts & Agreements.
  • Certified Translation of Medical Reports.
  • Attested Translation of Legal, Commercial agencies documents & Powers of Attorneys – Notary Public.
  • Translation of Affidavits.
  • Translation of Birth & Death Certificates.
  • All types of School Certificates, University Degrees for their certification by the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Decisions, rulings and awards made by the Courts & the Commercial Committees.
  • Agency Contracts and Agreements – Commercial Agreements – C.V.s – Residence Permits, etc…